Send Your Junk by Mail!

Send Your Junk by MailIt is never too late to help our mother earth to become a better place to stay, for today and tomorrow. Nowadays we are familiar with the 3R reuse reduce and recycle program. Some stores put a recycle boxes in front of their stores, some others will collect, what happen if they don't collect or have boxes? Send your junk by mail! The recycle by mail program does take a bit more effort from you, but why not? It creates a better place for you and me! A simple trip to the post office can accomplish a lot.

Here is list of institutions where you can send your junks by mail;

Plastics and Packaging

* Earthworks recycles PVC plastic cards (hotel keys, gift cards, etc.) and turns them into sheets that new cards can be made of. Drop cards in the mail if your retailer doesn't already take them back. Address is: Earthworks, c/o Halprin Industries, 25840 Miles Road, Bedford, OH 44146. Magnetic strips are okay. Don't send credit cards or those that contain paper backing.

* Recycline's Preserve Gimme 5 program collects clean plastic containers that have a #5 stamped on the bottom (yogurt cups, ketchup bottles, sour cream containers, and more). Recycled plastic is transformed into razors, bowls, and many other cool products (that you can also send back when you're done with them). To maximize eco-benefits, the company suggests using ground shipping.

* TerraCycle creates shower curtains, totes, and funky fashion accesssories out of old energy bar wrappers, drink pouches, and other packaging. It recyles wine corks too. In some cases, you need to mail in large quantities so look for a drop-off location or send in your neighbors' stuff too.

Apparel and Shoes

* Nike's Reuse-A-Shoe program has collected almost 22 million worn out athletic shoes since 1990. The shoes are ground up and turned into athletic fields. Nike's prefers that you drop off shoes at participating stores, but you can also mail them.

* Patagonia's Common Threads Garment Recycling Program turns your old Patagonia clothing into new garments. Visit it website for specifics on what they take back and where you can send it.


* Battery Solutions sells boxes that you can fill up with batteries (both rechargeable and non-rechargeable), cell phones, PDAs, iPods, and others. The $24 fee includes a pre-paid FedEx shipping label.

* GreenDisc recycles CDs, DVDs, video and audio tapes, and their cases. You can also send in most computer related waste-anything from printer cartridges to mice to laptops. It costs $6.95 to process up to 20lbs of waste.

* Waste Management's Think Green program sells recycling kits for batteries, CFLs, fluorescent tubes, and electronics. Prices vary depending on item. Fill the box they send you and mail it in.


Super Obama World

Super Obama WorldI just come across with this article, again its about Barack Obama. He is one great man! Someone out there even idolize him so very dearly by creating him an online game Super Obama World, really big fans right? I am not that big fans, but I do admire his spirit, his way of life and humbleness! Back to his online game, down here is the complete article from Yahoo! Buzz

John McCain labeled Barack Obama the "biggest celebrity in the world." But if you ask us, you're not really huge until someone makes you the star of your own video game. And developers at Zensoft have done just that with Super Obama World, a new online game that is surging 400% in Search.

Playing on the Obama-mania of so many of his cyber-aged supporters (young voters preferred Obama more than two to one), the game combines the nostalgia of Super Mario Brothers with a biting political message.

Obama fans who followed the endless campaign reality show can now relive the experience through game fantasy. The only controller you need is your computer keyboard — no joystick required. This game is old-school: Just right and left arrrows, and the good ol' space bar to jump. As Obama, you'll encounter Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue (where Sarah Palin spent thousands of dollars on outfits), dodge lobbyists wielding bags of money, and jump over pigs wearing lipstick. You can advance to the "Alaska" level and the "Republican National Convention" level.

The developers have promised more episodes as Obama goes through his presidency. And what could future episodes look like? Obama better do some cool stuff as president, or it's going to be "Game Over."


AllergyAllergy or Hypersensitivity is a reaction of your immune system to something that does not bother most other people.

People who have allergies often are sensitive to more than one thing. Substances that often cause reactions are

* Pollen
* Dust mites
* Mold spores
* Pet dander
* Food
* Insect stings
* Medicines

How do you get allergies? Scientists think both genes and the environment have something to do with it. Normally, your immune system fights germs. It is your body's defense system. In most allergic reactions, however, it is responding to a false alarm.

Allergies can cause a runny nose, sneezing, itching, rashes, swelling or asthma. Symptoms vary. Although allergies can make you feel bad, they usually won't kill you. However, a severe reaction called anaphylaxis is life-threatening.

Wow...! Diamonds Ear-Phones!

Diamond Ear PhonesThis is the DEOS Diamond series earphones that is made of titanium and encrusted with coloured diamonds. The handcrafted DEOS Diamond is priced at about US$60,000 for sets covered with yellow, pink or black diamonds. There are also sets in white and in black diamond for US$4500.

DEOS stand for Defining Expression Of Sound. DEOS are divided into three collections – DEOS Diamond (for those who want the best), CVRZ with Swarovski crystals (for those who want the best but at affordable rates), and the CVRZ aluminium range (for those who want the beat in the least price).

The DEOS CVRZ is priced at US$110 for the half-covered to US$200 for the fully-covered line, while the CVRZ aluminium costs $20.

Samsung Tobi Astonishingly Adorable Mobile Phone

Samsung’s Tobi S3030Samsung announces the launch of the Tobi S3030 mobile phone customized to amuse pre-teens, young adults and anyone who wants to have fun from mobile phone. The phone comes with friendly graphical user interface and unique GUI themes. It is available in six colors, Sweet Pink, Loyal Blue, Apple Green, Bright Orange, Oasis Blue and Snow Silver.

Samsung’s Tobi S3030 features a 1.9-inch display, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, integrated music player, Bluetooth 2.0, 15MB internal memory and a microSD card slot.

Samsung has used eco-friendly materials without any polyvinyl chloride (PVC) to build the Tobi. Moreover, Samsung Tobi features changeable backside cover. Users can insert their favorite photo or image under the see-through protective sleeve on the back to customize their Samsung Tobi.

The phone will be available first in Italy and the UK and then other European countires, CIS and China.


Network GPRS Tri-Band (900/1800/1900 MHz)
Display 1.9” QCIF 65K
Camera 1.3-megapixel camera
Audio Music Player (MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, WMA)

Value-added Features
Three themes (Monster, Snowman, Ocean world)
Six color variations (Sweet Pink, Loyal Blue, Apple Green,
Bright Orange, Oasis Blue and Snow Silver)
SOS function (SOS call, SOS message, Fake call)
Eco-friendly and non-toxic material
Changeable backside images
Games (Brain Challenge, Tetris Mania)

Connectivity Bluetooth messenger Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0
Memory Internal Memory: 15MB; External Memory: Micro SD (Up to 8GB)
Size 94.7x 45.4x 17.5 mm, 85g

Resort plans nude "anything goes" party

Resort plans nude An Australian holiday resort will hold a month-long, nude "anything goes" party to combat an expected economic downturn, media reports said on Thursday.

"Tough economic times call for stiff measures," Tony Fox, the owner of the White Cockatoo resort in Mossman, in tropical Queensland state, told the Courier-Mail newspaper.

"It will be a hedonism resort, where anything goes for a month. It doesn't take rocket science to work out what it means," Fox said, naming March as the risque party month.

The controversial "clothes optional" resort made headlines three years ago when police were called to end partner-swapping parties after a swathe of public complaints.

"You've got to wonder what sort of people go and why. Where is the moral code of behavior and how do you stop jealousies and fights?" Cairns Catholic Bishop James Foley said after Fox's announcement.

But local regional Mayor Val Schier said she was not opposed to the event as long as no laws were broken.

"People in tropical north Queensland are extraordinarily creative," Schier said. "It is tough economic times and as long as it is with consenting adults, then there is no problem."

Australia's tourism in industry is being hit hard by global economic turmoil with official figures showing a 7.6 percent decline in overseas visitors in September.

Industry leaders expect holiday bookings may drop by up to a third in early 2009 and are planning a new international advertising campaign to coincide with the movie "Australia" starring Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman.

Fox said his resort was almost fully booked for the month-long rainforest party.


"24" Season 7, finally......!

The wait is almost over. Today FOX announced the premiere dates for the upcoming seventh season of "24," which will air a special two-night, four-hour event on Sunday January 11th and Monday January 12th (8-10pm ET).

Jack Bauer and Chloe are back (of course), but one of the big shockers is the return of presumed dead CTU agent Tony Almeida. The series will celebrate its 150th episode during the fourth hour of the epic, four-hour premiere.

If you can't quite wait until January, don't worry. Your "24" thirst will be quenched with the two-hour prequel "24: Redemption" that sets up the events of Season 7. A new president (new series regular Cherry Jones) is inaugurated, while at the same time our fearless hero Jack is in South Africa where he is tasked with stopping a warlord from exploiting innocent children. "Redemption" airs Sunday November 23rd at 8pm ET on FOX.

Season 7 looks to be worth the 19-month wait for fresh action and should bring a jolt of new energy to the series. The season opens with Jack on trial and of course there's yet another threat to national security on the horizon -- with new bad guy Jonas Hodge (Jon Voight) waiting in the wings. And CTU has been dismantled and the action is taking place in Washington, D.C. instead of Los Angeles, where all previous seasons have been set.

Ready to see that ticking clock once again? "24" will air Mondays at 9pm ET on FOX.

Your Office Workspace can Reveal Your Personality

Your Office Workspace can Reveal Your PersonalityA study at the University of Texas Austin found that offices can reveal much about a worker’s personality and dedication to the job. In general though, a worker with a highly personalized space is one who is secure about her position and claiming her space.

Empty or Un-Personalized Desk
This indicates either a lack of dedication to the job or someone who is generally dissatisfied with the job—in either case, not a good sign.

Plants, whether they are cared for or not, reveal that a worker is planning to stay at the job.

Candy Bowl/Lots of Supplies
This worker wants people to come visit her and is an extrovert—shy or introverted types would never put anything on their desks that would draw others into their spaces.

Motivational/Inspirational Items
This is an ambitious person who is dedicated to his job and wants to remain engaged—can indicate someone who wants challenges and a chance to prove himself.

Family Photos
This can go two ways. If the photos are placed for others to see, it’s usually a status symbol and done more for the appearance. If the photos are placed for only the worker to see, they are usually genuine reminders of loved ones, which can motivate the worker or ease the guilt of spending so much time away from the loved ones.

Excessive Post-It Notes
Indicates the worker is feeling overwhelmed and not able to keep up.


Rehearsing for California's Big Earthquake

Rehearsing for California's Big EarthquakeAt exactly 10 a.m. tomorrow, about 5 million people in Southern California will drop to the ground, take cover under a sturdy piece of furniture and hold on at the same time. Radio stations and school p.a. systems will play a sound track of rumbling and crashing, along with a man's voice declaring, "If this were the magnitude 7.8 earthquake we're practicing for today, you would be experiencing sudden and intense back-and-forth motions of up to 6 ft. per second. The floor or the ground would jerk sideways out from under you. Look around and imagine."

If this sounds weird, it's because it is. The Great ShakeOut, as it's being dubbed, is the biggest public emergency drill in U.S. history - and as such, it is a radical idea. Normally, large-scale disaster drills, which happen weekly across the country, are designed for professional rescuers, emergency managers and politicians. Not for you, and not for me. In fact, the people who matter most in a real-world emergency - the neighbors, office workers and students who do the majority of the lifesaving during big disasters - are almost never invited.

California's drill, too, originally was scheduled as an exercise for only emergency officials. That exercise, called Golden Guardian, will involve about 5,000 officials, from the local police to the U.S. military, all pretending they are responding to a major quake along the San Andreas Fault.

But in this case, California decided to invite the people too. Schools, offices and random Joes have been registering for the drill over a span of months. (In the two days after the 5.4-magnitude Chino Hills quake in July in California, 57,000 people registered.) Every city employee in Pasadena supposedly is participating, which should make for an interesting scene at City Hall come 10 a.m. You can already play a game to see if you know how to survive an earthquake. (I scored only 9 out of 14 on the first try, but now I am totally rocking an 11.) You can download audio to accompany the drill. You can watch a YouTube video about what would happen to California in such a quake. And, starting at 10:02 a.m. on Thursday, you can play a sprawling, multiplayer collaboration game called After Shock to see what happens on the other side.

Google Earth Rebuilds Ancient Rome

Google Earth Rebuilds Ancient RomeGoogle Earth users can now tour a 3D reconstruction of Ancient Rome, with more than 6,700 buildings.

The glory that was Rome lives again in 3D splendor in Google Earth. The popular service has reconstructed the most famous city of the ancient world, giving visitors a chance to zoom around 6,700 buildings and more than 250 place marks. The 200 buildings already well known to scholars have been rendered as faithfully as possibly. You can visit Google Earth Rebuilds Ancient Rome here!

Google teamed with Virginia University and Past Perfect Productions on the venture, and the 3D models are based on a model of the city known as the Plastico di Roma Antica, which stands in Rome’s Museum of Roman Civilization, according to the BBC.

Bruce Polderman, Google Earth 3D production manager, said:

"Whether you are a student taking your first ancient history class, a historian who spends your life researching ancient civilizations, or just a history buff, access to this 3D model in Google Earth will help everyone learn more about ancient Rome."

Hero dog risks life to save kittens from fire

Hero dog risks life to save kittens from fireA dog was hailed as a hero on Sunday after it risked its life to save a litter of newborn kittens from a house fire, rescuers said.

In a case which gives the lie to the saying about 'fighting like cats and dogs', the terrier cross named Leo had to be revived with oxygen and heart massage after his ordeal. Fire broke out overnight at the house in Australia's southern city of Melbourne, where he was guarding the kittens.

Fire fighters who revived Leo said he refused to leave the building and was found by them alongside the litter of kittens, despite thick smoke.

"Leo wouldn't leave the kittens and it nearly cost him his life," fire service Commander Ken Brown told reporters.

The four kittens also survived the fire and on Sunday Leo, who fire fighters nicknamed 'Smoky', was again back at the house.


You Have a Love Affair…with Chocolate

ChocolateChocolate is a fruit. In its unprocessed form, it is one of the healthiest fruits you can eat. It is full of flavanols, potent antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the body. In fact, Cornell University food scientists discovered that cocoa powder has nearly twice the antioxidants of red wine, and three times more than green tea.

Chocolate is also high in minerals including magnesium, calcium, and zinc And it contains the substances tryptophan, PEA and anandamide, which trigger the release of numerous feel-good brain chemicals. No wonder we love this stuff so much!

Unfortunately, most chocolate also contains lots of fat and sugar. So don’t replace other healthy foods in your diet with chocolate. Most people already eat plenty of sweets. Try swapping high quality dark chocolate for some of the less healthy treats you already eat. It’s important to choose dark chocolate, since the addition of milk appears to inhibit the beneficial antioxidant effects.

The healthiest ways to indulge your chocolate cravings is by eating raw organic unprocessed cacao beans (also known as nibs.) You can purchase cocoa nibs at health food stores. They can be eaten by the handful, added to trail mix, or sprinkled on your cereal in the morning. The next best option is organic unroasted cocoa powder (non-alkalized.) Mix it with soymilk for a delicious chocolaty drink or use it in baking.

Another great way to get your healthy chocolate fix is by eating organic dark chocolate with the highest percentage of cocoa and lowest amount of refined sugar (bitter or semi-sweet dark chocolate.) Since the good news about dark chocolate is out, it is widely available, even at your supermarket.


Intelligent Pill - Release Drugs where They are Needed!

Intelligent Pill - Release Drugs where They are Needed!Dutch group Philips has developed an "intelligent pill" that contains a microprocessor, battery, wireless radio, pump and a drug reservoir to release medication in a specific area in the body.

Philips, one of the world's biggest hospital equipment makers, said Tuesday that the "iPill" capsule, measures acidity with a sensor to determine its location in the gut, and can then release drugs where they are needed.

Delivering drugs to treat digestive tract disorders such as Crohn's disease directly to the location of the disease means doses can be lower, reducing side effects, Philips said.

While capsules containing miniature cameras are already used as diagnostic tools, those lack the ability to deliver drugs, Philips said.

The "iPill" can also measure the local temperature and report it wirelessly to an external receiver.

The company plans to present the "iPill" at the annual meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) in Atlanta this month.

The iPill is a prototype but suitable for serial manufacturing, Philips said.


Male Hormone Patch Increases Libido in Women

Male Hormone Patch Increases Libido in WomenPostmenopausal women with low sexual desire levels reported improved sexual function after they were treated with a patch in which the male hormone testosterone was applied through the skin, a clinical study has found. However, more studies are needed to confirm the safety of this treatment.

"Many postmenopausal women continue to be sexually active despite a high level of sexual dissatisfaction, engaging in sexual activity to please their partner and maintain domestic harmony," lead author Dr. Susan R. Davis, at Monash University in Prahran, Australia, and fellow researchers note.

While testosterone has proved effective for increasing libido among postmenopausal women who are on hormone replacement therapy, the effectiveness of this approach in women who are not taking estrogen is unknown.

There has also been some concern that testosterone administered without being tempered by another hormone may adversely affect circulating lipid (fat) levels, glucose (sugar) metabolism or breast tissue. To read more visit here!


Kids Eyeglasses with High Quality from Zenni Optical

Today, your kids may want eyeglasses that look just like you, their parent or older brother and sister. You can choose some types from plastics in elongated rectangular shapes, small, retro-styled ovals, and even clean titanium eyeglasses available for small customers. You can look some of the style in Zenni on FOX.

Pop-culture icons and logos are big in kids' eyeglasses, too. Cartoon characters are coming out of the television and into the dispensary with their own line of children's frames. Zenni Optical provides that kind too. For deal or dud just check out the news because now, Zenni was on FOX news!

Many of these are grown-up in appearance with colorful frames, all great eyeglasses for less prices are available on this famous store and these collections are high quality frames but still they are affordable!

No matter the style or brand, it is important for children to feel that they are a part of the frame selection process. Choosing an eyeglass frame they like goes a long way towards getting them to wear their glasses and take better care of them as well. See all variable dimension frames on Zenni Optical here and then shopping eyeglasses for your kids, and his or her brother and sister today.


Angels and Demons Release May 2009

Angels and Demons by Dan BrownBased on the novel by Dan Brown, “Angels and Demons by Dan Brown” is a prequel to the author’s “The Da Vinci Code”, and once again follows world-renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), who is summoned to a Swiss research facility (CERN) to analyze a mysterious symbol seared into the chest of a murdered physicist.

Langdon discovers evidence of the unimaginable: the rebirth of an ancient secret brotherhood known as the Illuminati, the most powerful underground organization ever to walk the earth.

Starring: Tom Hanks, Ayelet Zurer, Ewan McGregor, Stellan SkarsgÄrd, David Pasquesi, Cosimo Fusco, Ursula Brooks, Armin Mueller-Stahl
Directed by: Ron Howard
Production Status: In Production/Awaiting Release
Genres: Thriller, Adaptation and Politics/Religion
Release Date: May 15, 2009 (wide)
Distributors: Sony Pictures Releasing
Production Co.: Imagine Entertainment, John Calley Productions
Studios: Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group
Filming Locations: Europe
Produced in: United States