What should I do when I fall in love with my close friend?

friends become loversChanging your friendship from just a close friend into romantic relationship is not easy. Especially when both of you have enjoyed and comfort with your existing friendship. However, denying your own feeling is not healthy either, you cannot fool yourself. When it appears to be this way, which is to turn your friendship into some romantic relation, the following have been considered as the most secure way to express it:

1. Tell her or him honestly
This is the simplest way, you can immediately find the answer whether he or she has the same feeling. But the risk is higher. Would be a relief if it turns out that both of you have the same feeling. If not, it's natural if you're disappointed and even ashamed and become uncomfortable with the continuation of your friendship. Timing is very crucial when you decide to do it this way. Look for the right time; don’t rush but don’t be too long. Use your own intuition!

2. Get together more often
Usually, you go together but with lots of friends. This time, find some time together. By this way, it becomes more secure to begin the approach. This will allow you to create some small sparks just to let you know whether he or she has the same feeling. Suppose a small kiss on the forehead or cheek and let’s see what response he or she will show. If you receive some negative signs like he or she makes some distance and move away, you can be sure that your close friend has no intention to expend your friendship into something romantic.

3. Disappeared for a while
Disappeared from the crowd for a while, who knows that she or he will be missing you, once you return and see the signals you can try to be more aggressive. However, this is some game you play and not everyone could get into this kind of game, please notice that. She or he may feel weird to your sudden return and intentional approach. Your goal to get his or her attention could turn out to be the opposite way when your close friend doesn’t like this approach. Before deciding to disappear, you should first identify your close friend’s character.

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Six speakers in a pair of earbud

six speakers earbudHeadphones are no longer simple as ever. Formerly, earbud with an MP3 player is considered adequate. But now, the owner of an audio player that has an excellent 'ear' will not touch the common headphones. He or she will go to the accessories store, and buy high-quality headphones.

Ultimate Ears presents earbud (headphone) is capable of making ordinary people glared. Ultimate Ears is actually part of Logitech, the PC peripheral market expert. In-ear headphones are the first one to have a six-speaker design, so as to offer extra clear voice. This device is specified to reduce the ambient noise up to 26dB, and its six drivers are individually tuned separately delivered loud music without distortion.

Ultimate Ears 18 Pro Custom Monitors are also compatible with wireless transmission systems and portable music players (PMP - portable media player). It was designed to be shock-resistant as well. If you want to have it, be a bit patient as you have to wait until next month. Think as an opportunity to save for $ 1350, which is the price of this device.

Winners of Golden Globe Awards 2010

Winners of Golden Globe Awards 2010Golden Globe Awards 2010 was held this morning at Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, Californi. Golden Globe awards are given to appreciate television and movie makers in the United States. History has noted that the Golden Globe Awards took place from the year 1944 and was first held in the 20th Century Fox Studio.

Complete list of winners
Motion Picture Category

Best Picture, Drama — Avatar
Best Picture, Comedy/Musical — The Hangover
Best Director — James Cameron, Avatar
Best Actress, Drama — Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side
Best Actor, Drama — Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
Best Actress, Comedy/Musical — Meryl Streep, Julie & Julia
Best Actor, Comedy/Musical — Robert Downey Jr, Sherlock Holmes
Best Supporting Actress — Mo’Nique, Precious
Best Supporting Actor — Christoph Waltz, Inglourious Basterds
Best Foreign Language Film — The White Ribbon
Best Animated Feature — Up
Best Screenplay — Jason Reitman, Sheldon Turner, Up in the Air
Best Original Score — Michael Giacchino, Up
Best Original Song — The Weary Kind, Crazy Heart

TV Category

Best TV Series, Drama – Mad Men
Best TV Series, Comedy — Glee
Best TV Miniseries — Grey Gardens
Best Actress, TV Miniseries — Drew Barrymore, Grey Gardens
Best Actor, TV Miniseries — Kevin Bacon, Taking Chance
Best Actress, TV Drama — Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Best Actor, TV Drama — Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Best Actress, TV Comedy — Toni Collette, United States of Tara
Best Actor, TV Comedy — Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock
Best Supporting Actress, TV — Chloe Sevigny, Big Love
Best Supporting Actor, TV — John Lithgow, Dexter


Megan Fox Sexy New Emporio Armani Underwear

Our star in "Transformers" Megan Fox has become the new model of Emporio Armani. For that, the actress who replaced the previous icons Victoria Beckham, has been undergoing some shooting sessions with Armani ad campaign, highlighting her sexiness.

In the ad campaign for Italian label Armani, the star of "Jennifer's Body" is showing its totality during the shoot, the result is ad with teasing poses for Armani collection spring / summer 2010.

Megan was shoot in black and white effect, Megan appeared very fascinating. Covered by Emporio Armani underwear, this 23-year-old woman was extremely sexy.

With a standing pose, crossing his arms, Megan wearing lines underwear accented in black and white, another pose show she was lying sideways, this actress was contracted by Armani to be their model for underwear and jean product.

Create Your Own Funny Pictures!

You might have seen some funny photos of your friends with cool effect, and wonder how they create such effect. They do not create those photos by their own actually but they got all the assistance needed from online photo effect, widely available at this moment and it’s free. One popular site that provides such funny photo effect online is en.picjoke.com.

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Today, make funny pictures online is easy and free! So many cool and funny effects you can choose from the site, you even can pose together with your favorite actor and actress, and make your own movie poster in postcard size! There are so many effects, it is time for you to select photo effect you like, simply visit the site and create your own funny pictures!



Change your diet to sleep better

Change your diet to sleep betterDo you have difficulty to sleep at night? You are not alone. When you cannot sleep constantly you may suffer what expert call as Insomnia and this can be very annoying. There are hundred ways to get a better quality sleep. Just begin by changing your diet before bed.

* Select your snack before bedtime. The combination of carbohydrates that contain tryptophan, such as a bowl of cereal with non fat milk, will make us sleep better. Carbohydrates will help to release chemicals in the blood that cause sleep disorder, and will convey signals to the brain that your body is ready to rest.

* Eat cherry. At night, try to eat some cherry. The experts found that the cherry jam has the same function with melatonin, a hormone released by the body that will keep sleep patterns.

* Seafood at night. Dinner with seafood, like fish, can help you sleep at night. Cod, tuna, snapper, halibut, and shrimp, contain tryptophan which is very good to help you sleep soundly. It has the same effect as you eat turkeys.

* Avoid consumption of chili. Spicy food is not suggested as your near bed time meal, eating spicy foods before bed can increase body temperature and prevent you from sleeping, and also increase the heart rate.

* Do not eat food that content lots of seasoning (MSG). MSG can cause headaches and insomnia for most people. Check the labels used on packaging on canned if you eat them at night.

* Choose tea instead of coffee. Caffeine is known as a substance that helps us to stay awake and coffee is one good example. So replace this drink with a cup of tea. Tea contains only half the caffeine of coffee. Tea also helps us to release stress. If you cannot stand with black tea, try to replace it with green tea.

* Smell of lemon and mint. Add the smell of mint and lemon in your drink or food. Mint and lemon have a substance that could relieve breathing and this helps you to rest at night.