Treat Acne Through iPhone Application

Treat Acne Through iPhone ApplicationAn iPhone application is claimed to help cure acne and wrinkles on the face. Really? Created by a dermatologist (skin specialist), Dr. Greg Pearson, an application called 'AcneApp' was sold for U.S. $ 1.99. It is said that the application can make your skin smooth.

How does it work? According to the information that was launched on iTunes from HuffingtonPost, you just need to point the light to treat the skin disorders. 420-nanometer blue light emitted is claimed to have antibacterial capabilities. While the red light as 550 nanometers works as anti-inflammatory.

Simply by pointing the iPhone's screen that emits light to the face, the bacteria on the skin will die and user growth will be stimulated collagen. Does this 'treatment' really work? Furthermore the experts say that the skin needs 88 times treatment before you can see the results. While Pearson also said the effectiveness of the application still has to go through clinical trials.

Then, what the iPhone users say? Although there are claims not to believe such thing but there are also other users who claim that the application successfully treats acne on their faces.


Best Foods for Your Heart

Heart attack is the number one killer in America. Certain diet is recommended to prevent this attack. For instance, there are foods that have already been proven to reduce the risk of heart attack. Here are best foods that have been recommended to prevent heart attack:

1. Garlic. A number of studies have shown benefit from this seasoning. Regular consumption of garlic can reduce high blood pressure, prevent blood clotting (cause of stroke), preventing an increase in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Garlic is also known to reduce or neutralize the bad effects of salt.

2. Salmon. Replace full-fat burgers with your favorite piece of salmon. The salmon will reduce the risk, as salmon contain omega-3 it will lower your heartbeat in a good sense, preventing or reducing the rate of enlargement of the arteries, increasing the amount of good fats in our body, and prevents cholesterol and the artery blockage.

3. Cherry fruit and berries. Fruit is always healthy because it has a kind of substance that could prevent cell damage that can lead to clotting or blockage of blood vessels. If you have trouble getting fruits and berries (e.g. strawberries or blueberries) or fruit cherry for instance if not seasons, then save it in significant amounts. Eat these berries or just mix in oatmeal, or mix them in lemon juice. Fruits and berries are also good for improving your heart rate.

4. Brown rice. Brown rice is a rich source of magnesium. These minerals (magnesium) can facilitate the flow of blood vessels. Magnesium deficiency can cause hypertension, heart attack, and heart rhythm disturbances. Do not overcooked Brown rice. You can serve with grilled vegetables, and roast chicken.

5. Chocolate. Drinking coffee most of the time? Try to replace it with a glass of hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is rich with antioxidants; the number of antioxidant was 3 times much more than green tea.


Bored to Death is Real, Study Shows!

It may be too much to say that get bored speed up the process you leaving this world! But unfortunately it really happened and researchers have proved it. According to those researchers, someone who hit by the boredom will finally go sooner by getting heart disease and or stroke.

Based on the results of a study conducted by researchers from University College London, people who often complain bored have died from the risk of heart disease and strokes two times greater than people who rarely feel bored.

More than 7000 participants with age range from 35 to 55 years were included in this study. The participants are then monitored during their 25-year life.

The results showed that participants often feel tired during his lifetime, known to 40 percent more who died at the end of the study. Meanwhile, participants who rarely feel bored or can overcome boredom still survive until the study ended.


Saying sorry: best through right ear

Have you ever had trouble to apologize to someone? Maybe there is something wrong with the way you apologize. According to the researchers, people are more accepting apologies when you say it through right ear.

Researchers from the University of Valencia, said that when we’re angry, right ear will be more responsive to the voice or the sounds than the left ear.

By saying sorry to the right ear, the possibility of such messages into the brain will be bigger and make it easier therefore apology accepted. Researchers concluded that after a hearing test to 30 participants who were angry.

To provoke emotions and anger participants, researchers gave participants some reading materials. Researchers then monitored heart rate, blood pressure and testosterone levels of participants. A sound then played on the right ear and left participants.

Based on the results of these studies, angry participants were more receptive to the message or the sounds from the right ear than the left ear. The result then makes researchers suggest the importance of asking forgiveness through the right ear.

Within a week ‘Mass Effect 2’ sells over 2 Million!

Mass Effect 2Great success apparently still stays very close with BioWare. After successfully with their previous game Dragon Age: Origins, now the game developer who is under the auspices of EA's return to reap the success with their latest: Mass Effect 2 (ME2).

Since its presence, ME2 is getting very good response among gamers, even not a few observers who made amazed by this game. So it is no wonder, ME2 become best selling game in the market.

It was recorded that since its launch on 26-28 January 2010, this game has been sold for more than 2 million copies worldwide. This further confirms that BioWare is still the great game developer at this moment.

"Mass Effect 2 is the biggest game in 2010, and we are proud of the early sales figures that have been reached by this game," said Ray Muzyka, co-founder, BioWare.

ME2 is a part of the trilogy game launched by BioWare. In this game, players will continue a variety of action game with remarkable graphics quality from its preceding version.


Environmental Awareness

We all are expected to have concern about the environment, the world we live at this moment as this is the legacy of our children, but in reality there are still many people who haven’t aware of the meaning of the environment itself. Consequently, those who have the awareness can work alone, within group or side by side with law enforcement to take action, to increase public awareness about the important role played by the environment. Real action can be done through education, information and counseling. There is a small team in New York City’s department of environmental conservation; it consists of twenty officers, called the “Green Police.” The green police implement environmental rules and issue citations to environmental violators.

In some countries, in order to improve the environmental awareness, they even provide stimulus or motivation for the active role of the community to maintain the environment. As mentioned earlier, to increase environmental awareness can be done through various ways; it can be started by educating people in the sense of giving direction to the system of values and attitudes to be able to maintain a balance between the fulfillment of personal interests, social interests, and natural interests. This is what Green Police has been doing. We can also directly and actively playing our part such as field trips in the wild by bringing our children, showing them how wonderful is when the nature is still in harmonious environment, all this is to educate our children the responsibilities and obligations, so they can gain the awareness since young age.