Improve Memory Senses While We Sleep

Improve Memory SensesThe scientists are now more and more focused on the ability to improve memory senses when we sleep. Several years ago, scientists reported that the smell of fragrance during sleep can improve the brain's ability in storing new memories.

A recent study conducted by experts found that sound is played some major parts when we sleep and has an effect similar to that fragrance which can improve memory senses.

In a research done by John D. Rudoy from Northwestern University it was noted that respondents that the sound is played during their sleep have a better memory for new things, although the respondents do not remember what voices they had heard.

However, Rudoy is no rush to conclude that the result of this research shows that stimulation done during sleep is better for the learning process than when it was done when we are awake.

According to Howard Eichenbaum, Ph.D., chairman of the Center for Memory and Brain, of Boston, when humans sleep, the brain will reconstruct the stimulus that was accepted into the memory and voices or sounds that played may trigger certain memories so that we are so much easier to remember.

Pain Reliever

It is widely known that Tramadol is a pain reliever. This medicine is taken to treat pain from moderate to severe, and even chronic severe pain. These days you can easily buy tramadol, there are many online drug stores that sell pain relief medicines and most of them sell tramadol too. What you need to check before buying is the credentials of the online pharmacies, and better to compare the prices too. Most of the times, when you buy online you can get very reasonable price because many online stores sells this medicine, it makes the online pharmacies compete each others.

One thing you should aware is, people with addiction to drugs or alcohol are not recommended to take this medicine, as many complications will follow afterwards. If you have history of metabolic disorder or head injury, or seizures, treatment using this medication most probably will also cause seizure. People who take certain medicines to treat nausea or vomiting, antidepressants, it has been found some seizures cases too when they take this medicine. The most common prescribed is tramadol 50 mg, for the best result, take tramadol only as directed, and it was not recommended to give your medicine to others who are not the intended person of the prescription. For your information, do not consume more than 300mg in one day.

Ask for medical attention when you think you have consumed too much of this medicine because overdose of tramadol can be serious. It usually follows by symptoms like shallow breathing, drowsiness, severe weakness, cold skin, feeling light-headed, fainting, or even coma in the worst case. Seek medical attention when your sickness doesn’t recover after consuming medicines prescribed for you and stop all medications when there are side effects. To buy this medicine online you can browse over the internet or simply visit tramadolbluebook.com.


Broccoli Could Prevent Ulcer

Various studies on broccoli revealed that the antioxidant content in broccoli is very large, so large that many have believed it can reduce the risk of cancer. But the latest research about the ability has gave us a better picture of broccoli in a variety of pressing risks such as ulcer indigestion, gastric infections, and possibly stomach cancer.

One study performed in Japan, the experts found the fact that eating 70 grams of fresh broccoli every day for two months gives a great effect that is to protect the human body from bacteria-related stomach ulcer disease, gastric infections, and even stomach cancer.

Ingredients Sulforaphane in broccoli is proven to trigger enzymes in the stomach, thus providing protection against radical compounds that can damage DNA and inflammation.

Sulforaphane in broccoli are also known to increase the production of phase II enzymes in the liver. These enzymes carry carcinogen substances from procarcinogen compounds out of cells. Keep in mind, the content of Sulforaphane in broccoli eaten fresh is higher than boiled or overcooked broccoli.

Tip: How to choose broccoli? Find a dark green broccoli. You can freshly eat broccoli (raw) as salad, broccoli can also be mixed with other vegetables and fruits for a salad. Or another option, you can consume in the form of juice.

2012: Sun and the Doomsday

DoomsdayWhen listening to the discussion about the so-called doomsday 2012 based on the Mayan calendar system, there are interesting topics around the Sun. Among others mentioned, in the year 2012 activities of the Sun, which has started since a few billion years, will reach its peak. In addition, the Sun and the Earth will be in line with a dark hallway in the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Of course, the Sun is very central to the Solar System, especially the Earth and life in biosphere. If there is increased activity there, the Earth would be subject to influence. However, the Sun's regular cycle of activity which is every 11-year, this circle is there for more than four billion years and so far is fine.

Now, along with the proliferation of books about the doomsday in 2012, also Hollywood movies about the same theme, not only from the Maya calendar issue, but also from the astronomy site, it was easy to understand then the astronomical experts start to make statements too. This is because the news spread a lot mentioned 2012 Doomsday celestial bodies, as it can strengthen their scenarios.

In fact, the basic scenario itself, the Mayan calendar, does not differ much with the modern calendar. If the Mayan calendar has many long cycles with such diverse, we also have something similar. So, if the Mayan calendar will end on December 21, 2012, it could happen to us as of December 31, 1999. The next day after that date, which is January 1, 2000, will begin a new cycle, whether it is based on days, years, decades, centuries or millennia. As we have seen, the end of various cycles on December 31, 1999 was not accompanied by the end of the world, isn’t it?

How about the connection between Earth, the Sun, and the center of the Milky Way galaxy? Many have expressed their thoughts that when all these objects are paired together will lead the force that will trigger devastating earthquake to finish history of the world. The same style plug will also trigger a solar storm that will destroy the Earth. In fact, to add effect, the planets will line up also called on December 21, 2012.

Apparently, after a thorough examination, the Sun will not cover (eclipse) the center of the galaxy. Even if the Sun could cover the galactic center, the effect of pairs can be ignored, writes Paul A Heckert as quoted at the beginning of this post.

With that explanation, 2012 Doomsday scenarios do not need to be taken seriously.

Based on the theory of evolution (birth and death) star, where the Sun is one of them, the Sun is about five billion years from now will expand into a red giant star that will fry the Earth. However, not five-billion-year time period is still very, very long time for the measure of a man?

However, for practical reason, such as to determine the relationship between the solar activity and communication disorders, or to learn more about the properties of the Sun, the study of the Sun is still important.


Tips to become an Entrepreneur

Tips to become an Entrepreneur Entrepreneurs are not sort of descendants profession, everyone can become entrepreneurs. Following are simple tips if you want to start your own business or in other word to become an entrepreneur. The first step to become an entrepreneur is to understand and then to find your own entrepreneur mindset. This is the most common advices you will get from successful entrepreneur all over the world.

After finding the meaning and have the necessary mind set, entrepreneurs should determine the objectives, what they want to achieve in the business they create. What next is to consider the types of business with their own capability, culture and the targeted market. After all of these things are fulfilled then the entrepreneurs are recommended to join appropriate training, such training that will support their businesses. By this way, at least they will have some pictures of what their future businesses will look like.

In addition to above points, entrepreneurs need to have the state of mind and spirit as businessmen. They must aware since the first day that not all entrepreneurs succeed in their early days. Many entrepreneurs have also slumped at the beginning of their new business. There is no guarantee that entrepreneurs will always success, they can fail and fall. But a great entrepreneur will rise up and learn from that experience to be successful in the future.

Tokay Gecko as a cure for AIDS?

Tokay Gecko as a cure for AIDS?The existence of venereal disease AIDS (Aquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) is still a frightening and deadly disease for humans, because it attacks without considering age, sex and gender. The disease attacks immune system that makes people who have AIDS become weaker and diminished their immunity. This disease is caused by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

Till these days, scientists are racing to find a cure for AIDS sufferers. Some medicines can only work to prevent or weaken the virus without killing the virus, so it is only about time that the virus will attack AIDS victims. Anti Retro Viral (ARV) is one drug to slow the spread of this virus. But there is news out there that saying the Tokay Gecko can be a cure for AIDS, but so far there is no specific research on this subject but many people have believe that this lizard really can cure AIDS.

Tokay Gecko is a kind of big lizard with uneven skin surface, because of its strange and frightening look it has been overlooked until the cure news spread, but in some remote areas there is some belief that makes people in the remote area consume it as food to increase libido and to cure skin allergies.

From healthy science industry itself, so far there is no official study or research to examine about the efficacy of geckos as AIDS treatment, we all aware that trust and belief in what you consume in one hand is very important in treatment of disease, but medical proof in the other hand is necessary to test the efficacy and content in Tokay Geckos as the cure of AIDS.

Surfing in cyberspace can improve brain ability

Surfing in cyberspace can improve brain abilitySurfing in cyberspace (the internet) can improve brain function and minimize the possibility of memory losses. This is at least proved after a research was conducted, 24 adults aged 50 years and over were involved. This study was performed by the psychiatrist and researcher neural research team of University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), it shows that the use of the Internet in old people can improve their cognitive function.

National Geographic News site and the Daily Telegraph in one of their October publications have quoted the results of the study said that the UCLA team compared 24 adults aged 55-78 years who had never opened the internet with those who had never missed a day surfing in cyberspace. Result shows there is an increased activity of the brain part that responsible for handling the memory and make decisions. "Hence, opening sites on the internet can be an easy way to train the brain," said senior researcher Teena D Moody.

This research volunteers were asked to open the Internet at home for four hours each day. Not just randomly open any site, but specifically using search engines and answering questions on various topics in various sites. One week later the volunteers were examined and the results showed there was an increased brain activity in areas related to the ability to use language, visual, memory, and reading.

So far the effect of technology on brain function is one hot debate subject without any consensus. Director of the Royal Institution Susan Greenfield said that the social networking sites on the Internet are the main causes of the lack of concentration in children nowadays. She also blamed the text message as the cause of increase in attention deficit disorders in children these days.

Celery Heal Allergies & Blood poisoning

Celery heal allergies and blood poisoningCelery is vegetable we use almost every day in cooking, salad, juice or just eat raw. Its presence makes food more delicious, because it gives taste and distinctive aroma. Celery is testier if it is eaten freshly or lightly cooked, this vegetable has many benefits not only to be used for seasoning food, but it also can be used to treat some illness.

Besides to cure skin diseases, celery is also highly recommended to overcome the poisoning of the blood and cure allergy. It can be used without any mixture, meaning you just take fresh celery and eat them, but you can also mix with other ingredients such as cucumber juice, carrot and beet.

In a medium-sized celery stalks containing at least 16 mg calcium, 11 mg phosphorus, 0.1 mg iron, 50 mg iodine, 136 mg potassium, 110 IUvitamin A, a vitamin B complex, and 4 mg of vitamin C. In other studies magnesium was also found significant, between 27-32 mg of each stem.

In addition to treating allergies, skin diseases and poisoning in the blood, celery is also quite popular to treat high blood pressure. For that take a fresh cucumber or about 1 ounce and two fresh celery stalks wash to clean them. Eat them as salad without any dressing (just raw), or you can also blend them a juice, just add some water.


18 handlers to tame the monkey on the shooting set for Julia Robert's upcoming movie Eat, Pray, Love

A total of 18 handlers prepared to tame the monkey on tourist sites "Monkey Forest, Ubud, Gianyar District, so the monkeys in the area did not disturb shooting the film Eat, Pray, Love, starring Julia Roberts.

"Schedule of shooting the movie we have not yet certain, but the preparation has been done, such as security personnel and prepare handlers for shooting monkeys can run safely," said Bendesa Traditional Padang Tegal, Ubud, Made Fund as quoted by Antara news in Denpasar, Saturday .

He and producer guarantees, when shooting took place, there is no closure tourist areas "Monkey Forest". "However, if the condition does not allow the forest to be opened to the public, then it should be temporarily closed for taking pictures during the implementation," he said.

To avoid the disappointment of tourists who come, he said, the manager of "Monkey Forest" will make some kind of announcement to be understood by all parties. Local indigenous parties were already preparing to conduct a small ceremony at Pura Dalem Agung Padang Tegal implementation that all the film shots can go smoothly.

Julia Roberts was in Bali for a month for movie shooting Eat, Pray, Love since last October 15. Some locations that are used for taking this pictures are Ubud, Padang-padang Beach, Pecatu, and Sabie in South Kuta, Badung regency.

Smart shopping with Zenni Optical

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