Reduce Your Oil Dependency

It's been nearly two months since the BP oil drilling platform exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. In the past few weeks, we've seen shocking photos of wildlife affected by this tragedy. The oil poses a serious threat to fishermen's livelihoods, marine habitats, beaches, wildlife, and human health.

Although BP has openly stated the company will pay for all damages from the oil spill, many organizations still rely on donations and volunteers to protect wildlife from this type of impact.

For those of us who don't live close enough to volunteer, reducing our dependency on oil is one of the best ways to help. Driving less is most important. Being conscious of products we buy is also valuable because oil is used in thousands of everyday products from shampoo to trash bags.


Potatoes do not make you fat

Whether mashed, baked or roasted, people often consider potatoes as comfort food. It is an important food staple and the number one vegetable crop in the world.

Potatoes are available year-round as they are harvested somewhere every month of the year.

Unfortunately, most people eat potatoes in the form of greasy French fries or potato chips, and even baked potatoes are typically loaded down with fats such as butter, sour cream, melted cheese and bacon bits. Such treatment can make even baked potatoes a potential contributor to a heart attack. But take away the extra fat and deep frying, and a baked potato is an exceptionally healthful low calorie, high fiber food that offers significant protection against cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Fact: Potatoes are virtually fat-free and low in calories. These delicious and inexpensive root vegetables contain a healthy dose of fiber, which can actually make you feel satisfied for longer and help you lose weight.

It's not the potatoes themselves that make you fat. It's how you cook them and what you slather on your spuds that can cause you to pack on the pounds.


Seven Tips to Help You Overcome Stress

Overcome StressNo one can really predict what is going to happen next, no matter how well we plan, something can just go wrong, so stress can happen at any time. At the beginning of the year, work piled up, boss demands lots of things as it is the time to make plan, and many more demands that occupied our thoughts. What can we do to ease the stress on the turmoil of life? Here are 7 tips to help you overcome stress:

1. Black tea

75 volunteers participated in a study conducted by University College in London, were asked to drink black tea before doing two tasks that make them stressful. Apparently, the stress hormones (cortisol) fell about 47 percent rather than volunteers who did not drink tea before starting their stressful works.

2. Say it!
It is not without reason we were taught by our parents not to speak harshly, including cursing. However, in reality, according to a study published in the Leadership & Organization Development Journal, swearing, cursing and words of its kind can reduce one's stress levels. This action can relieve some pressure from your brain.

3. Press more

Acupressure has been widely known since ancient times. Some pressures on the main points and central tension points is effective and fast as stress reliever. In fact, according to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, acupressure techniques can reduce stress by 39 percent. To help reduce stress, you can press or massage the area which is the flesh between your thumb and index finger of each of your hands for 20-30 seconds.

4. Pamper yourself

Sometimes when blood pressure rises, people can feel stressed. To stabilize the blood circulation and blood flow, it is advisable to drink hot chocolate. Chocolate contains Bioflavonoids which can dilate blood vessels in the body. Drink only dark chocolate or cocoa powder which contains more pure chocolate than milk chocolate. Try to drink one serving only.

5. Laugh
Laughter can help our body to heal faster and this is scientifically proven. As reported by Loma Linda University in California, the anticipation to laugh alone can reduce stress hormones, such as dopac, cortisol, and epinephrine. One simple way you can do is to find funny videos on the internet, it’s fast, cheap and effective.

6. Eat more omega-3 EPA and DHA

According to research at the University of Pittsburgh, those who have higher level of omega-3 EPA and DHA show more happiness, think more calmly, and easily cooperative. Improve your mood by increasing consumption of omega-3 food such as salmon, herring, and sardines in your daily menu. Or add a daily supplement about 400 mg of EPA and DHA which easily found in many fish oils supplements.

7. Relaxation

There are various types and relaxation techniques. You can learn relaxation techniques from health practitioners, including alternative medicine practitioners, doctors, and psychotherapists. If you do not have a chance to meet them, you can learn it privately, just search over the internet make sure you are viewing trustworthy source.

Internet and Entertainment World

In the internet, almost everything is available, that’s at least what most people think! If you’re also having the same opinion, then you are right. From businesses to online entertainment, from news to charity, almost everything can be found in the internet. Especially when it comes to entertainment, people can get almost any type of entertainment through this online media.

People can play free online flash games, they can also get movie & news updates, many free online entertainment portals provide this type of entertainment. Don’t feel like to leave your room? You can just start your day with the latest, the hottest music videos, celebrity photo, gossip, TV shows, actors, Online gambling and tons of online games.

Every day, there are always some new online sources in the internet for news, entertainment, movies, music, sports, TV, fashions and funny videos. They bring this whole entertainment thing for worldwide audiences. That’s why people say that in the internet, almost everything is available.


Apple Sold 3 Million iPad in 80 Days

With all its plus and mines points, iPad apparently sold well. Apple claimed that they have sold this tablet device for about 3 million units within 80 days since its launch.

In a press release, Tuesday (22/06/2010), Apple did not specify sales from month to month since its launch in the U.S. on April 3. However, they reveal that the iPad sell is up to 1 million units a month after it was launched, 2 million units by May 31, and 3 million units by June 21.

"We continue to work hard to bring this wonderful product into the hands of more people in the whole world, including to other nine states by next month," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, in the press release.

iPad was first sold in the U.S. on 3 April 2010 and scored an outstanding sales of 300,000 units in just one day. Outside the U.S. launch has been delayed and can only be started after April 30 in European countries such as France, Germany, and Italy, and Japan and Canada.


Kiwi the Super Fruit

Kiwi the Super FruitUntil today, there was no magic pill that could heal deadly diseases and at the same time make you look slimmer. But a fruit can do both, something that not only create a healthy and slimming body, but also taste good, and that is kiwi fruit.

Elisa Zied, MS, nutritionist and author of Feed Your Family Right, says kiwis are included in one of the 10 super foods (super food). Kiwi is under super food because this fruit contains disease-fighting nutrients, taste good, contain fewer calories, plus making the skin young, superb!

Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C, A and E. The content of vitamin C in the kiwi fruit two times more than oranges. While the amount of vitamin E in kiwi twice more than the mango. Besides vitamins C and E, antioxidant is also found kiwi such as carotene, lutein, xanthophyll, and flavonoids.

Kiwi fruit is often identified with New Zealand. In fact, the fruit that covered by brown fur is actually from China and brought to New Zealand in early 1990s.

The success of the kiwi fruit industry in New Zealand could not be separated from Isabel Fraser, a teacher who brought home the seeds of the kiwi after visiting relatives in China. Kiwi seeds were then given to Allison's family, who was in the field of horticulture. Since then the farming of kiwi fruit in New Zealand begins.


Internet Service Company Shows “The Cove” Free of Charge in Japan

The CoveThe Cove is a movie led by renowned dolphin trainer Ric O'Barry, infiltrate a cove near Taijii, Japan to expose both a shocking instance of dolphin abuse and a serious threat to human health. This movie has been filmed using state-of-the-art equipment with involvement of a group of activists.

This movie screenings in Japan Niwango Inc. have been canceled because of the protest from the nationalist opposition to the film’s depiction of a dolphin hunt. But public can still watch as an Internet service company will show “The Cove” free of charge Friday and invite public to write comment via Twitter and e-mail for an open exchange of views on the Oscar-winning documentary that shows the annual hunt in Taiji village.

There are about 20 theaters in Japan that had planned to show the film but canceled because of protesters made threatening phone calls and screamed slogans outside the distributor’s offices.


Twilight “Breaking Dawn” Split into Two Films

Twilight “Breaking Dawn”Finally, Summit Entertainment has provided information about the final series of 'Twilight', 'Breaking Dawn“, it will be split into two films.

"THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING Dawn will be released into two films. The first part will be in theaters on November 18, 2011," an official statement has been made as reported by MTV, Sunday (13/06/2010).

Summit also announced the cast and producer in 'Breaking Dawn." The director's chair will be the Oscar-winning director, Bill Condon.

Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner will still be the lead actors and actress. In 'Breaking Dawn,' the entire Cullen family will appear. Starting from Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Ashley Greene (Alice) and Kellan Lutz (Emmett).

'Breaking Dawn' into two films have been previously sounded by actor Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart. This novel 'Breaking Dawn' is just too long when rolled into one movie. In this last series of Twilight, the love story between Bella and Edward Cullen will become more and more exciting.


The Biggest Burger weighs 90 kilograms

Biggest BurgerA cafe in Sydney, Australia, said it has set a record-making giant hamburger in the world. Take up to 12 hours to cook and four men to cover the layer.

The giant burger is cooked by the owner, Joe, and Iman El-Ajouz. Total weight of the burger, it reaches 90 kilograms, it beats the previous record which is in Michigan, USA, and previous giant burger weigh is 84 kilograms.

The giant burger is made with 120 eggs, 150 pieces of cheese, 1.5 kilograms of sugar, 2.5 kilograms of tomatoes, and nearly two kilograms of lettuce and common ingredients used in salads.


Nature and the Human Body

Nature and the Human BodyWhen drowsiness or loss of energy occurred, many of us have turned to a cup of coffee to refresh their selves. We actually can have a healthier choice rather than a cup of coffee, just leave your room and breathe fresh air for about 20 minutes; it has the same effect as drinking a cup of coffee.

The researchers found when people are exhausted at the office desk, there is a way to refresh their body without drinking coffee. Walk out into open space and breathe because nature had effects such as caffeine that makes people feel fresh again.

"Nature is a good energy for the soul," said Professor Richard Ryan, a psychologist from the University of Rochester, New York who did the research.

This finding has been published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, it mentioned the bond between nature and the human body that makes a person feel more alive when they breathe fresh air in open space.


BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5 Supports Wi-Fi calling

BlackBerry Mobile Voice System 5News about BlackBerry phones have always been one of the most anticipated things for this cellphone users. Just very recently, BlackBerry-maker RIM has also thrown a bone to business users of the virtual desk phone service called Blackberry Mobile Voice System (MVS).

Using their latest upgrade version 5 will let owners of of BlackBerrys call to their office numbers over Wi-Fi in addition to the regular cell phone network. RIM should roll out BlackBerry MVS 5 later this year.

This latest technology is using voice communications over the Web. It won’t be long from now that corporations can pile onto their employees' BlackBerrys using this most recent system. MVS creates a unified business line that simultaneously rings office and smartphone. It includes caller ID, voice mail, and corporate security measures.


The Truth about Smoking

The Truth about SmokingActually the world has long known the health effects of smoking. Various scientific studies have shown the truth about smoking, that all forms of tobacco can trigger health problems in the human body.

Around the year 600, China philosopher named Fang Yizhi began mentioning smoking can damage the lungs. In the year of 1950 there were two major publications about the bad effects of smoking and that was based on research, in 1981 there was a large study on the impact of passive smoking in Japan.

Cigarettes not only cause lung cancer or heart disease, a number of other diseases also arise from smoking. The disease can arise from toe to tip of hair. Call it cataracts, wrinkled skin, heart disease, cancer, miscarriage, damage to the shape of sperm, to osteoporosis.