How does laughter heal?

laughter heal"Clown is like aspirin, only he works twice as fast," said the late Groucho Marx, a comedian star whose words are often quoted. Why did he say that?

1. Laughter relieves anxiety. Therefore, one can not laugh and feel scared at the same time. It is physically impossible. Laugh also minimizes the source and size of our fear.

2. Laughter eases the sense of solitude. Because, laughter makes us want to socialize with other people and ease the sense of solitude.

3. Laughter reduces aggression and conflict. People who laugh do not be rude to others.

4. Immune system become stronger with a laugh, stress hormone levels were reduced, the heart and circulatory system healthy, and the muscles become more relaxed.

5. Laughter is the source of heart-healthy exercise, especially for those who are in elderly period. In addition, laugh also will make a special breathing pattern and is good for the health of respiratory organs.

6. Laughter works like a good virus because it spread rapidly. Spread to the whole world with laughter will reduce the anger and violence.

7. Our mental health will be better with a laugh. Stress is reduced, as well as anger and worry. It has a positive effect, feeling happy and positive attitude increases.

8. We become more creative and able to solve the problem because of laughing. It has also proven can increase job satisfaction. We can work harder, but felt comfortable. In short, productivity increased.

9. Everyone can laugh. Humans are born with a talent to laugh. Sense of humor is not really necessary to if it is just for a laugh.

10. Laughter is a natural process that reduces the pain, both physically and emotionally. This is a natural remedy from the body itself. Multiply laugh and you will find that it only takes a little drug to enjoy life.

So, what are your hobbies?

We live in a world where stresses are in almost every aspect of life, it is important that we find some escapes and most of us will agree that the escape is to do our hobby! While doing your hobby, here are three principles that we must look into:

1. Hobby should fit our lifestyle and budget, so that the impact really refreshing and be a channel for our creativity, that it is a hobby into something positive for us.

2. Must be wisely chosen hobby, a hobby is not necessarily expensive, there is an exciting hobby, but cheap. Example, someone who likes to collect things that a bit older, do not have to be antiques, walking, climbing mountains, it can all be done with a relatively low cost.

3. Some others may pick more costly hobby like traveling aboard, cruising, or playing game at Online casinos but as far as they do enjoy and can effort it, and have control over the hobby, it will also be fine!

4. Do not let harmful and dangerous hobby that might harm our selves and people surround us. Do not let our hobby makes distance between us and the people we love.

Those are four principles you must consider while doing your hobby, hobby should give you fun, make you happier and release you from stress, not the other way round. We live in a stressful world so we deserve something that can release us from stress, let’s do some hobbies. So, what are your hobbies?