Jon Bon Jovi with Four Naked Girls in Bed

Bon JoviHe's known as the nice guy of rock and roll. But newly released photos show a different side of family man Jon Bon Jovi - the wannabe star trying to make it in the music industry.

The posed shots show the singer lying on a bed with four naked girls on top of him, in a provocative scene.

They were taken by famed photographer Ross Marino in 1985 when Jon was just 22, busy promoting second album 7800°Fahrenheit.

It wasn't until the release of Bon Jovi's third album, Slippery When Wet that the band shot to superstardom.

The never-published pictures were kept locked away for more than 20 years by the band's former tour manager, Rich Bozzett, who has included them in his new book charting his time with the band.

Churchill's dentures fetch nearly $24,000

Winston ChurchillA partial set of British wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill's gold-mounted dentures has fetched 15,200 pounds ($23,770) at auction, over three times the estimate.

The false teeth, specially designed to disguise Churchill's lisp, were sold by the son of the technician who was commissioned to make them.

They had been expected to make a maximum of 5,000 pounds at Thursday's sale by Keys auctioneer.

"The atmosphere was electric," said a Keys' spokesman.

False alarm: Google search still working in China

Google searchGoogle Inc. triggered a false alarm Thursday by posting a notice that its search engine and several other services had been cut off from mainland China - a key market where the company has been locked in a high-profile battle over online censorship.

But what initially looked like a dramatic development turned out to be nothing more than a technological hiccup.

After the company's report of a complete blockage in China had been relayed by many media, Google backed off the claim.


Friendship A Prescription for Good Health

friendshipDo you know that having good friends can do wonders for your health? Research shows! A life of booze, fags and slothfulness may be enough to earn your doctor's disapproval, but there is one last hope: a repeat prescription of mates and good conversation.

A circle of close friends and strong family ties can boost a person's health more than exercise, losing weight or quitting cigarettes and alcohol, psychologists say.

Sociable people seem to reap extra rewards from their relationships by feeling less stressed, taking better care of themselves and having less risky lifestyles than those who are more isolated, they claim.

A review of studies into the impact of relationships on health found that people had a 50 per cent better survival rate if they belonged to a wider social group, be it friends, neighbors, relatives or a mix of these.

The striking impact of social connections on well being has led researchers to call on GPs and health officials to take loneliness as seriously as other health risks, such as alcoholism and smoking.

First aid kits and medical supplier

1staidsuppliesWhat do you need from a first aid kit and medical supplier? Everybody is going to give the same answer which is quality. We all need first quality product when it comes to first aid kit and its related products. That’s why we need first aid kits and supply that meet or exceed OSHA standards. The next thing is the complete range of product, if possible to find a store preferably an online store that has complete range of first aid kits and supply for homes, job sites, commercial offices and vehicles in case an emergency happens. It is not only stop just right there, a reliable first aid kits and supply supplier will also have refills for all first aid kits and cabinets.

The online store supposedly to have important articles about first aid and related subjects such as first aid training articles. So what are the products when it comes to first aid medical supplies? To name few important medical and supplies are burn care, CPR and AED products, blood borne pathogens, antiseptics, pain relief products, trauma kits, disaster preparedness and survival products, search and rescue tools, storage containers and protective equipment such as safety glasses, head and body protection, respirators and face masks, gloves, exam gloves and ear protection. A good and reliable supplier or store is expected to be able to deliver order in reasonable period of time.

Since there are many online stores selling first aid kits and medical, buyers expect to get quality products with affordable prices. What else? Most buyers expect the same thing which is to have good services when they get online or on the phone line with one of the store officer, it is expected that the officer know the products they are selling. And since no one can predict when emergency will occur, first aid kits and medical supplier need to be available 24/7. To get more information about fist aid kits and medical simply visit 1staidsupplies.com.


More Bacteria on Cell Phones than Toilet Handle

More Bacteria on Cell Phones than Toilet HandleThey are pretty much essential, but you may want to ditch your mobile phone for ever after reading this. The average handset carries 18 times more potentially harmful germs than a flush handle in a men's toilet, tests have revealed.

An analysis of handsets found almost a quarter were so dirty that they had up to ten times an acceptable level of TVC bacteria. One of the phones in the test had such high levels of bacteria it could have given its owner a serious stomach upset.

While TVC is not immediately harmful, elevated levels indicate poor personal hygiene and act as a breeding ground for other bugs. The findings from a sample of 30 phones by Which? magazine suggest 14.7million of the 63million mobiles in use in the UK today could be potential health hazards.

Hygiene expert Jim Francis, who carried out the tests, said: 'The levels of potentially harmful bacteria on one mobile were off the scale. That phone needs sterilising.'

Victoria Beckham Nabs Fifth Vogue Cover

Victoria BeckhamEvery young girl dreams of being on the cover of Vogue and now Victoria Beckham has done it for a fifth time. The 36-year-old designer and fashion model appears on the the Turkish edition of the magazine, holding a cocktail, while wearing a fringe-black dress and studded heels.

After starring alongside her husband David Beckham in the Emporio Armani adverts, Victoria Beckham got used to posing in her underwear. But after being replaced by Megan Fox in the role, the mother-of-three is now free to wear any lingerie she wants.

As she lands her fifth Vogue cover on the Turkish edition, the 36-year-old is peeling off again in a racy new shoot. Surrounded by handsome young men, the former Spice Girl shows off her svelte and tanned physique in a series of lingerie, swimwear and dresses.

While showcasing new collections from many Turkish designers, including Yildirim Mayruk, she also uses the opportunity to plug her own range by wearing a tan limited-edition trench coat from her Autumn/Winter 2010 collection.


Katy Perry Is Floating Pretty and Semi-Naked In Her "Teenage Dream"

Katy Perry Is Floating Pretty and Semi-NakedKaty Perry poses naked on the cover of new album Teenage Dream, with just a few pieces of strategically-placed candy floss protecting her modesty.

The 25-year-old singer was painted by artist Will Cotton for the cover picture, and is seen reclining luxuriously on a bed of pink candy floss in the portrait, which was painted over a period of six weeks.

Unveiling the cover on her official website, Katy wrote: 'Oh my God, what will my mother think? It's so gorgeous. I'm so excited. I'm nervous. I'm shaking a bit. This will be my first piece of real art.'

And, because the image is so beautiful, the album cover won't feature any text. However Katy added: 'Hopefully they know it's me by the actual picture!'Katy has long been a fan of quirky artist Cotton, who also acted as artistic director on her most recent music video for single California Gurls.

She explained: 'The day I found Will Cotton, I knew I wanted to live in his cinematic cotton candy world. 'A fantastically art-directed music video and one piece of timeless album artwork later, I can proudly say I am more than a fan.


Long Ring Finger May Mean A Prostate Cancer Risk

Long Ring FingerMen with a long ring finger could be three times more likely to develop prostate cancer, research shows. Doctors found that the risk increases if the ring finger on the right hand is significantly longer than the index finger next to the thumb.

But men whose ring fingers are only slightly longer, or are about the same length, are much less likely to get the disease. The findings open up the possibility of screening men with longer fingers at an early age for signs of cancer.

In the study, blood tests showed that men with longer ring fingers on their right hand had higher levels of prostate specific antigen (PSA).

This chemical is sometimes found in high levels in blood when cancer is present. The right hand was studied because the difference between the length of its ring finger and index finger is often greater than on the left, as it is more sensitive to hormonal changes in the womb.

The results are the latest in a long line of studies linking finger length to men's health, most of which highlight the benefits of a long ring finger.


Daniel Radcliffe to star in The Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe to star in The Woman in BlackHarry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has landed the lead role in Hammer movie The Woman In Black.

Based on an adaptation of Susan Hill's best-selling novel, Radcliffe will play a young lawyer who finds himself embroiled in a ghostly hostage plot.

The script has been written by Jane Goldman, who wrote the recent box-office hit, Kick Ass. It will be directed by Eden Lake's James Watkins.

"I am incredibly excited to be part of The Woman in Black," Radcliffe said.

Hammer became synonymous with the horror genre in the 1950s thanks to films like Dracula and The Mummy.

Other famous Hammer films include The Curse of Frankenstein and The Curse of the Werewolf.

'Toxic trio' triggers gut disease

Toxic trioThe precise cause of the immune reaction that leads to coeliac disease has been discovered.

Three key substances in the gluten found in wheat, rye and barley trigger the digestive condition, UK and Australian researchers say.

This gives a potential new target for developing treatments and even a vaccine, they believe.

Coeliac disease is caused by an intolerance to gluten found in foods like bread, pasta and biscuits.

It is thought to affect around 1 in every 100 people in the UK, particularly women.

The symptoms of coeliac disease vary from person to person and can range from very mild to severe.

Possible symptoms include diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting, recurrent stomach pain, tiredness, headaches, weight loss and mouth ulcers.

Some symptoms may be mistaken as irritable bowel syndrome or wheat intolerance.

Look Good and Feel Good!

These days, it is so obvious that most of us are adoring beauty and power, and with this understanding many have done so many things to be able to stay slim and sexy, as they reflect to healthiness and power. Talking about slim and sexy is about great body shape and personality, and there are many ways to achieve them. What most people do are, they exercise regularly to balance their input and output calories, consume healthy food, or by doing some procedures. To look good on these days are equal to feel good!

Thanks to the technology we have these days, there are many specialists in liposuction procedures from california plastic surgeon to ethnic plastic surgery, they are now available to perform body sculpturing. For those of us who are not familiar with this procedure, liposuction is a body sculpturing procedure to remove excess fatty deposits from your body. The fact that not everybody can get rid of their excess fatty in certain body areas with diet and exercise alone has made liposuction become the best and only response to remove their excess weight.

Most of people who have this procedure rapidly gain back their confident, of course this help them to perform better for their everyday lives and activity. This investment is a great way to get the body shape you have always wanted. To get the result you desired, you need to visit the expert in this procedure. There is one place that most people are talking about when it comes to liposuction and other body sculpturing procedures and that is Los Angeles, California.

This city is where celebrities and red carpet events on almost every spot, that’s why they called it the capital of beauty! There are many experts in this city, but one name worth to consider when it comes to Botox procedure (or a mini liposuction), the name is Lloyd Krieger, MD. To learn more about body sculpturing procedures in general, you can easily get the information from the internet, but to have the details it is always recommended to get from the expert. Now is your turn to look good and feel good.

Voice technology 'could help detect autism'

Voice technology 'could help detect autism'Young children with autism can be identified by listening to the noises they make, say US scientists.

Research suggests the babbling of infants with autism differs from that of children without it. The differences were spotted with 86% accuracy using automated vocal analysis technology.

Vocal characteristics are not currently used for diagnosing autism, even though the link has been suggested before.

The study is in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

George Clooney to get humanitarian Emmy award

Hollywood star George Clooney will receive an Emmy award for his humanitarian efforts, it has been announced. The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences will present the 49-year-old actor with the prestigious prize, named after the late comic-actor Bob Hope.

Chairman of the TV academy John Shaffner said Clooney was "an obvious choice" for the award. He is the fourth recipient of the trophy and will receive it next month.

Past winners of the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award include Oprah Winfrey and Bill Cosby. Clooney is being honoured for the Hope for Haiti US TV special - which has also been nominated for an Emmy.


Speak and Send Available for iPhone Users In US

Speak and Send iPhone applicationSome of us are just not that into 'the tapping messages' thing, we all have our own reasons. Whatever the reasons, the days of tapping messages into your mobile using tiny keys could be over after a new phone 'app' was released that turns speech into text.

Users can dictate messages into the phone which displays what they have said on the screen at the tap of a button. It can then be sent as a text or email.

The phone will also respond to demands for punctuation with commands such as ‘exclamation mark’ or ‘new paragraph’

Dragon Dictation is free to download onto iPhones and has become one of the most popular applications in the U.S.. It is due to be released in the UK this week.

Any mistakes can be corrected by tapping the screen to register an error and choosing from a drop-down list of replacements. And if the worst comes to the worst, you can always delete the word and type in the right one.

Another benefit could be the end of abbreviations such as L8R (later) or LOL (laugh out loud) which became popular ways to save time while texting.

Drawbacks include needing a good 3G connection, having to manually call up recipients' details to send the message, and problems with place names, proper nouns and regional accents.

Air Filters

CARiD air filtersOur car engines need to breathe as well. When huge amount of tiny articles are trapped then it will cause reducing of the air supply. The next thing is your car won’t perform its best. The sign is simple and it is usually in form of increasing in fuel consumption. Just like our nose that has filters, the car engine also has air filter too, this is to reduce tiny articles that might attack other parts of the car such as the pistons and valve seals.

If you overlooked the air filter, these tiny particles can start to accumulate and block the air flow. In some worst cases, it will cut the engine’s power output. That’s why people need to have a regular service for certain period of time which includes the air filter check. When required, you will be recommended to do replacement of the air filter.

Cannot find your car’s air filter? Look into your car’s handbook. You need to look for some filters that are made from material similar to tissue paper, and it looks dirty when it needs replacing. You just have to pop in the replacement. These days, car air filter replacement part is not only made of paper but there are many other options to choose from, simply browse the internet or visit carid.com to get your car’s air filter.


Julianne Moore Strips Down for Bvlgari Ad Campaign

Julianne Moore Strips Down for BvlgariAt 49 years old, Julianne Moore is doing a series of sizzling shots for a new advertising campaign for fashion house Bvlgari and she strips down!

With her long red hair loose around her shoulders, the actress is seen reclining on a chaise lounge, wearing nothing but a strategically placed handbag, jewels and a couple of adorable lion cubs.

The Oscar-nominated star showed off her toned figure in the shots, which will be used to advertise the label’s autumn/winter collection. And it has certainly been a busy month for Moore.

Her forthcoming movie, The Kids Are All Right, is already winning critical acclaim ahead of its release in the U.S. next week. The film sees Moore star alongside Annette Bening as a lesbian married mother, whose two children secretly track down their sperm donor dad (Mark Ruffalo).

And the actress, who in real life has two children with husband Bart Freundlich, says she found it easy to play a lesbian parent.


18th-Century Ship Found at Trade Center Site

18th-Century Ship Found at Trade Center SiteThe remains of a ship dating back to the 18th century have been uncovered by workers close to the the old World Trade Centre site in lower Manhattan.

Archaeologists said the 32ft-long vessel was probably used along with other debris to fill in land to extend New York City into the Hudson River. Those who examined the find described it as 'significant'.

An anchor weighing seven stone was also discovered at the site, although investigators said it was unclear whether it belonged to the newly-unearthed ship.

Archaeologists Molly McDonald and A. Michael Pappalardo examined the ship when it was found by staff about 30ft below street level in a planned underground vehicle security centre.

Ms McDonald said: 'We noticed curved timbers that a backhoe [mechanical digger] brought up.

'We quickly found the rib of a vessel and continued to clear it away and expose the hull over the last two days.'

The two archaeologists work for AKRF, a firm hired to document artefacts discovered at the site.


Experts rediscover plant presumed extinct for 60 years

Anogramma ascensionis fernIn a small, noisy laboratory, tucked away in London's Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, a tiny plant is growing.

It looks just like a very small parsley bush, but it is actually a very special little plant indeed.

Clean air has to be constantly circulated in the lab to protect it from any bacteria.

This precious specimen is the Anogramma ascensionis fern, commonly known as the parsley fern. Since the 1950s, botanists believed it to be extinct.

'Pear-shape' women more forgetful, researchers find

'Pear-shape' womenMost recent study conducted by a team of US researchers has found that a woman's body shape may influence how good her memory is.

Although carrying excess weight anywhere appears to impair older women's brains, carrying it on the hips may make matters worse, they say.

The Northwestern Medicine team found "apple-shaped" women fared better than "pears" on cognitive tests.

But depositing fat around the waist increases the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease, experts warn.

They said the findings, in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, highlighted the importance of maintaining a healthy weight for both body and mind.

World Cup Celebrations Continue

Iker Casillas and Sara CarboneroThe World Cup may have been over on Sunday - and a lot longer for most of us - but the celebrations will continue in Spain for a very long time. Especially for Iker Casillas and his girlfriend Sara Carbonero who were snapped out enjoying a post-tournament meal with some friends in Madrid last night.

But despite making history just a few days earlier when Spain lifted the World Cup for the first time ever, the country's goalkeeper stayed sober so he could drive him and his sports journalist girlfriend home afterward.

Dressed very casually, the pair looked happy and refreshed and probably still on a massive high after Spain won the World Cup on Sunday for the first time after beating the Netherlands 1-0 in extra time.


IPhone Application: Fring is Available for Video Call Now

FringDo you familiar with Fring? This instant messaging application has now updated their latest version for the iPhone. Not only can be used to make VoIP call (Voice Over Internet Protocol), now Fring can be used to make video calls on iPhone.

It is certainly a good news for iPhone users. Previously there was some speculation that Apple will not let developers use the iPhone 4 front camera, to make video call. Apple has been reportedly to become quite sensitive to third party application with video call features, because Apple has innate Video Call application named FaceTime.

Well, now with the presence of this latest version of Fring, the ability to video call via 3G on the iPhone 4 became a reality.

As quoted from engadget, according to the some users, when used to make 3G video-call, unfortunately the result was not as smooth as with WiFi into WiFi call.

In Search Affairs, Twitter Beat Bing and Yahoo!

Twitter SearchTwitter is now become one of the most demanded search engine. This site has the fastest growth rates. Biz Stone, founder of mikroblogging Twitter site revealed that this site is now serving 24 billion searches per month.

This amount is far different from those obtained by Microsoft search engine, Bing that serving only 4.1 billion, while Yahoo has only about 9.4 billion searches.

Last year, Nielsen research institute found that Bing was the site with the fastest growth, which is as much as 22 percent. However, since last April, Twitter started to shift with growth of 33 percent. While Google search engine remains in the top position by serving 88 billion searches per month.

Protested, Forum Online Cancel Requirement to Use Real Name

World of WarcraftUnable to bear protested by many members, Blizzard finally cancel the rule which requires the use of real names on forums of World of Warcraft (WoW).

As quoted from TheRegister, the decision was made to prevent the bad behavior of members of the forum.

However, members of the forum have got extremely mad with Blizzard new rules. It was said that there were more than 20 000 complaints that have been thrown to reject the rules.

Mike Morhaime, Blizzard CEO, finally gave up and canceled the decision. But he promised he would continue to improve the Blizzard forums.

"Our efforts 100% driven by the desire to find ways to be more friendly community for players and encourage constructive conversation about our game," he wrote in the WoW forums.


Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea BenefitsMore and more people start their morning by drinking a cup of tea. Tea has become a tradition and habit that gives freshness and a sense of calm. It also has great health benefits especially green tea. It reduces the risk of getting cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, high cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, infection, impaired immune function and many more.

If you are a tea drinker it's almost certain that you've heard of tea tannins, which are plant derived chemicals associated with tea. But when it comes to tannins there is a lot of confusion and even some misleading information concerning possible health risks. What is very often referred to as tea tannins are in actuality called polyphenols. Polyphenols, which include flavonoids, give tea a boost of health benefits that help to prevent cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Research has backed these health benefits although it's important to note that results vary based on a person's lifestyle and environment. A subgroup of polyphenols in tea is called catechins and one of the most powerful catechins in tea, especially green tea, is called EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) which is said to be a particularly strong antioxidant. Green tea goes through a minimal fermentation process and that’s why it has highest amounts of antioxidants.


Choosing Fresh Fruit

It's true that choosing delicious fruits is more of an art than a science, there are some guidelines that can help you make smart choices.


Apples should have a very tight, hard skin, and there should be no give when you press on them, says Wallendjack.

Color is also important. "You need to know what color an apple is when it's ripe," says Corriher. For example, look for really yellow golden delicious apples.


Saunders suggests looking for bright, firm oranges. "A too-pale color can indicate that the fruit was picked a little early," she says. "A leather-looking peel indicates the orange is old."


"A ripe pear typically has a sweet aroma and is slightly tender to the touch," says Saunders. "If the fruit is hard, it's not ready." She also points out that pears ripen very well off the tree at room temperature.


Bananas aren't grown in America so they're always picked when green and ripen on the way, says Kass-Johnson. He says it makes no difference if they are a little green when you buy them. It just depends on when you are going to eat them.


"You can take a mango that's not ripe and throw it in a brown paper bag on the counter and it will ripen on its own," says Wallendjack. "If it feels soft and if you press it in and it keeps the imprint of your finger, then it's ripe and ready to eat." She also says the skin should have a yellowish tint to it. Green on the outside means it's not ripe yet.


Things NOT to Bring to the Beach

When making a trip to the beach there are things you shouldn’t bring. Below are some guidelines on what not to bring to the beach as well as some alternatives on what to bring instead:

Disposable plastic

Plastic bags and food wrappers/containers were amongst the top three items collected in the beach. What's more, this garbage injures or kills thousands of marine mammals, sea turtles, and seabirds.

Instead, bring reusable bags, bottles, containers, dishes, and cutlery instead of disposables. Dispose of trash in lidded bins so that the wind won't blow plastic out to sea. Otherwise, take trash with you.

Glass bottles

Glass can break and cause injuries, particularly since glass isn't easily seen in the sand. Given that most people walk barefoot and babies crawl around in the sand, it's worth it to be cautious and leave glass at home.

Use a stainless-steel bottle or Thermos instead.


Pets are prohibited at many beaches or are only allowed during certain hours, so make sure to check the rules for a particular beach before bringing your pet. Or stick to visiting pet-friendly beaches.

If you do bring your pet, always clean up its waste and take it home or place in designated trash containers.


Leave the regular diapers at home because they don't work in the water. Pack swim diapers instead. When you're done, dispose of them properly (in a can with a lid) or bring them home.