Mirror, Mirror on the iPhone, for Free

Mirror, Mirror on the iPhoneInner Four Inc., a Tampa, Fla., company that has 150 programs in Apple's App Store, usually devotes a couple of months to create a major app. But its biggest success so far has been one that one engineer spent just one hour on.

The ad-supported free app, called Mirror Free, is essentially a black empty screen framed by a picture frame. If a user peers closely into it, the reflection off the screen can create an effect like a mirror. By Inner Four co-founder John Swartz's own admission the app “doesn't do anything.” But the app has been a breakaway hit, dominating the top spot in the App Store's free app rankings for the better part of last week.

Mirror Free isn't the first joke app to become popular on the App Store. In the past, apps like iBeer, in which users can brew and drink a virtual glass of beer, and iFart, which does what one might expect, have taken the spotlight.

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Finally married 16 years after drifted apart

A British man and his Spanish former sweetheart have finally married 16 years after they drifted apart, reunited by a love letter lost behind a fireplace for over a decade. Steve Smith and Carmen Ruiz-Perez, both now 42, fell in love 17 years ago when she was a foreign exchange student in Brixham, southwest England, and got engaged after only a year together.

But their relationship ended after she moved France to run a shop in Paris. A few years later, in a bid to rekindle their love, Smith sent a letter to her mother's home in Spain. It was placed on the mantelpiece, but slipped down behind the fireplace and was lost for over a decade.

The missing missive was only found when builders removed the fireplace during renovation work.

"When I got the letter I didn't phone Steve right away because I was so nervous," Ruiz-Perez told the Herald Express local newspaper.
"I nearly didn't phone him at all. I kept picking up the phone then putting it down again.
"But I knew I had to make the call."

When they were reunited, it was as if time had stood still, said Smith, a factory supervisor.

"When we met again it was like a film. We ran across the airport into each other's arms. We met up and fell in love all over again. Within 30 seconds of setting eyes on each other we were kissing.
"I'm just glad the letter did eventually end up where it was supposed to be," he said, after the couple married.

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21st century's longest eclipse over the Asia sky

21st century's longest eclipseTotal eclipse of the sun starts on July 21 will appear to be the longest eclipse over the Asia sky in the 21st century, the eclipse will appear first at dawn in India's Gulf of Khambhat just north of the metropolis of Mumbai.

It will move east across India, Nepal, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Bhutan and China before hitting the Pacific. The eclipse will cross some southern Japanese islands and be last visible from land at Nikumaroro Island in the South Pacific nation of Kiribati. Elsewhere, a partial eclipse will be visible in much of Asia.

For astronomers, it will be a chance for a prolonged view of the sun's corona, a white ring 600,000 miles (1 million kilometers) from the sun's surface. The previous total eclipse, in August 2008, was two minutes and 27 seconds. This one will last 6 minutes and 39 seconds at its maximum point.

Solar scientist Lucie Green is aboard an American cruise ship heading for that point near the Japanese island of Iwo Jima, where the axis of the moon's shadow will pass closest to earth.

Only in 5 days 'Harry Potter' conjures up $159.7 million

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince box officeThe audience was a bit older for the new movie, with more elder teens turning out to see Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and pals Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) as they deal with adult concerns such as heartache, jealousy and romantic triangles.

Fans have grown up with the franchise, from young readers whose parents had to debate whether the early movies might be too intense for their children to see.

Harry Potter continues to work box-office alchemy, turning his latest movie adventure into an overnight blockbuster.

The sixth installment, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince," took in $79.5 million domestically over opening weekend and $159.7 million since debuting last Wednesday, according to estimates from distributor Warner Bros. on Sunday.

The movie also took in $237 million overseas since Wednesday in 54 countries, bringing its worldwide total to $396.7 million.

With some of the best reviews of any "Harry Potter" movie, "Half-Blood Prince" was off to the fastest overall start in franchise history.


The World Premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

The stars of the sixth Harry Potter film walked up the red carpet in London to a rapturous welcome from thousands of fans who braved pouring rain for the world premiere of the new movie. The pre-release buzz suggests "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" will add a sizeable chunk to the 4.5 billion US dollars (3.2 billion euros) in box office receipts already earned by the Potter movie franchise.

The film opens to the public in Europe on July 15, and in the United States and Japan two days later, after being moved back from its original release date of November 2008. There was controversy just hours before the premiere, when London police charged Jamie Waylett, 19, who plays side-kick Vincent Crabbe to villain Draco Malfoy in the movies, with illegally growing cannabis plants.

One of the main actors, Rupert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley, attended the premiere after making a swift recovery from a mild case of swine flu last week. Grint took his place alongside co-stars Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry, and Emma Watson, better known to fans as the nerdy Hermione Granger.

Radcliffe, 19, said he would miss the character when the Potter films come to an end in 2011, but also admitted he was looking forward to being able to pick and choose other projects. The trio have appeared in all six films so far, after being plucked from obscurity, and have spent nearly half their lives on the set or preparing for the big screen versions of the phenomenally popular J.K. Rowling books.

Obama Checking out Girl Mayora Tavares

President Obama and girl Mayora TavaresPresident Barack Obama was caught in a very compromising position - checking out a Brazilian girl’s bootylicious behind during the G8 summit this week. The Drudge Report calls it the “second stimulus package”.

French President Nicolas Sarkozi also couldn’t resist checking that booty too. Actually Sarkozi’s naughty smirk is a bit creepy – he is either delighted with the girl’s assets or thinking Obama is one naughty boy!

The girl in question is Mayora Tavares and she is only 16 years old! How embarrassing!?! That single accident can traumatize that girl for life. Mayora was part of J8, a group of 53 people between 14 and 17 years-old, who were there to discuss how the lives of young people around the world can be improved.

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