Men and Privacy

Men and PrivacyA survey says about seven million men in America have a privacy space called hubbyhole. Lately more and more men have privacy room. Just to mention few of them are celebrities Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Nicolas Cage, and George Clooney. They have what they called hubbyhole.

Mancavesite.org site is a community where men who look for privacy by building hubbyhole have entered to. It shows that more and more men are looking for privacy space by building a private area containing all the character manhood.

So what makes a man feel that they need to be "alone"? Men feel the need to pull away from the routine or the domination of the wife and children. Not that he did not like his family or work but, these men feel they need to rest physically and soulfully from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, with some quiet time, in a small room inside or outside the home.


A New Rating of "Green" Electronics Manufacturers *by Greenpeace

GreenpeaceGreenpeace The international environmental organization has recently announced its 15 th top producers "green" electronics.

This rating is published every six months and it reflects the overall rate environmentally friendly products of a manufacturer of electronics.

In its report, Greenpeace assessed Nokia products as the most 'green' among other electronics manufacturers, followed by Sony Ericsson and Philips in the second and third positions.

So far, Nokia has been traditionally at the top of rating in Greenpeace, while Sony Ericsson has moved from the middle of the list, while Toshiba and Samsung Electronics tumbled and out of the top ten after failing to remove hazardous materials from its products.

Toshiba and Samsung should be willing to come out of the top ten. Toshiba's position slipped from rank 3 to 14, while Samsung fell from 7th to 13th rank.


Rosie HUuntington Whiteley Female Lead in Transformers 3?

Rosie Huntington WhiteleyRosie Huntington Whiteley will take over as the leading lady in upcoming blockbuster Transformers 3.

Victoria's Secret model and Jason Statham's girlfriend, has been widely rumored to replace Megan Fox in Transformers 3, Megan was fired because she is too skinny.

While details are still pretty scarce, Rosie-Huntington, 23, is likely to take over Fox's female lead role in the upcoming installment of the Transformers series.

Transformers 3 is set for release in July 2011. Earlier in the week, it was announced that Megan Fox wouldn't be returning to the hugely successful movie series.


iPad Users Dislike Lack of Flash

iPadApple may just insist not to include Adobe Flash technology into their last gadget iPad. But a survey conducted by market research firm Changewave has mentioned that there are many iPad users who are disappointed because of this iPad lack that makes them unable to see the sites with Flash-based content.

Based on a survey of 153 iPad owners, it is known that the absence of Flash became the most complained about issue. There are 11 percent of users who dislike this lack of Flash found in their latest gadgets.

Another problem is in the form of a WiFi connection and the need to maintain the screen, it has to be kept clean, this has been complained from about nine per cent of users.

In addition, users are also annoyed with the limited applications and the weight of iPad, this has become a separate issue for seven percent of computer users of these tablets.

5 Heart Attack Symptoms Most Often Occurs

Hearth AttackHere's five symptoms of heart attack that most frequently occur:

1. Chest pain or discomfort which causes shortness of breath and choking at the neck.
2. The pain may spread to upper body discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw, or stomach.
3. The pain can last for about 15-20 minutes and occurred continuously.
4. Feeling sick to your stomach or Nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness or fainting, or breaking out in a cold sweat.
5. This pain can be reduced when taking a break, but will gain weight if you're too active.


London to Get Full WiFi by 2012

2012 London OlympicsCity of London, England continued to prepare and get ready for this city role as the host for 2012 Olympics. Many preparations have been done and one of them is to equip the entire city with WiFi facilities.

Power supplies for WiFi devices will follow the electric lines of the city and the bus stop. The London Mayor Boris Johnson said that by 2012 it is expected that WiFi facilities will be everywhere in this city so fast internet access will be not an issue.

A total of 32 sectors of the city of London has signed an agreement to provide the WiFi project. However, until now, Johnson would not disclose how much the cost of investment to realize the project.


Tea for Health

Tea for HealthDrinking tea regularly is good for health. Tea reduces high blood cholesterol levels, study proves that tea help prevent atherosclerosis. Many studies found that drinking tea regularly reduce heart disease. Tea contains antioxidants that help people reduce certain type of cancer. Study also found that green tea can prevent tooth decay. In addition tea will help us to calm ourselves down, a cup of organic tea is a good choice to help us relax and that’s why we have afternoon tea, or event tea parties.

Drinking tea together with your friends or family members can create such intimate atmosphere which is good to improve relationship. Businessmen drink black tea together with their colleagues and talk about business and this has become a good tradition since very long time ago. Now, you don’t even have to walk to tea store to get your tea, you can buy your tea online. There are so many online tea stores in the internet, englishteastore.com is one of them.

This store is one of the largest online tea suppliers online today. Just visit the online store and you will find many major brand names. Besides tea which is almost every type of tea (from loose leaf to tea bags, organic teas, and even this store our own brand tea), you can also buy accessories such as teapots, tea sets, kettles, gift sets and many more. Drinking tea is such a good tradition and it’s good for our health tea too. Drinking tea is always fun and relaxing, let’s have a tea time and enjoy our tea!


Study Says Soothing Moms Lower Her Kids Stress Hormones

Did you know that children overflow with love and attention from his or her parents, especially mothers, will grow up into a happy, intelligent, and more healthy person.

Latest research by University of California, Los Angeles, United States shows that early childhood experiences have a long-term health effects, particularly on the risk of inflammation which is an immune reaction by the body when attacked by disease. This study concluded that Mom who cares her kids will help them grow with less stress hormones that tied to disease.

To know the biological mechanism that occurs, the research team took blood samples from 53 adults who grew up in an environment with low socioeconomic status. Half of the respondents admitted having a close relationship with their mother, While the rest said rarely had that kind of attention.

In the group that has close ties with their mother, was only found little genetic marker of inflammation. Genetic marker is a molecule that indicates that the gene has been actively into proteins, in this case proteins that contribute to inflammation.


Improve and Up Grade Your Truck

Before deciding to buy a new car, first we need to know what our purpose is. There are two types of buyer, the ones who buy base on what they need; the rest is the collector. Here we are going to talk about the first type; they buy car base on purpose. If you need a car to get you to office, sedan is one great choice. For fashionable purpose, then a sport car or a truck will be a great choice. Truck can also serve off road or long ride purpose.

About truck, this vehicle is very practice to take you from one place to another especially when it involves long distance traveling (and it definitely one fashionable ride). As usual, long road, long ride need preparation, hence, you will not be bothered with any damage that will add your traveling time. It is highly recommended to check your vehicle condition like the steering wheels, headlight, tail light, air intakes, wheels, tires, navigation, exhaust systems and etc. all of them are important parts in your truck that you have to take a good care before, after and when on your way.

Talking about truck parts and truck accessories, if you need any parts or additional accessories to be installed into your truck whether to replace any old parts, improve your ride or simply to up grade your truck, these days you can place your order in the internet. You can search them in the internet or just visit carid.com for any accessories from Chevy truck accessories, GMC, Ford, Dodge trucks and more!


Go Green with Energy Efficient Windows

There are many ways you can do to save our mother nature; one of them is through energy efficient windows. By installing energy efficient windows, as it self-explanatory, you save energy; this is one good benefit to your home, and your pocket as well. In the winter, heat will remain in your home, less heat lost through the glass, while in the summer, using this type of window certainly will block solar radiation into your home.

By keeping the heat in the winter and blocking the solar radiation, it means reducing your electricity bills. In addition, it increases comfort; imagine your home is warmer in the winter and colder in the summer. There are many other benefits we can mention when it comes to energy efficient windows. This type of window helps prevent harmful UV rays which usually cause fading of color of the material used in your home, such as the wood original colors.

High quality energy efficient windows block noises from outside the house. If you love a quieter home, then installing this type of window is highly recommended. People who live in cold climates area, most of the time they have to face window paint damage problem, by installing energy efficient windows this issue most of the time are solved. This type of window stays dryer compare to other type of windows.

These days, you can find many beautiful energy efficient windows with attractive ornament; this will certainly add more value to your home. For newly installed or windows replacement, these days we can search the installer in the internet. Make sure you only select certified installers to receive maximum satisfaction. Go green with the energy efficient windows, you can search in the internet or simply visit Penguin Windows.